Company Background

Currently across college campuses, there is a lack of late-night food options for consumers. Though this is a generalization, it is fair to assume that the average college student will experience many late nights throughout the year for a variety of different reasons. These include but are not limited to, partying, studying, or just enjoying a casual night with friends. Though after 10 pm, food options become quite limited compared to the traditional business hours of the day. In addition, companies that do not provide their own delivery service and utilize one or more of the food delivery services, such as DoorDash and UberEats, result in a higher total cost to the consumer as there are additional service fees. Again, it's a generalization, but many college students do not have an abundance of disposable income and prefer ordering online from a restaurant that does not significantly increase the total order cost with high service and delivery fees. 

Focusing specifically on the market at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, the late-night food options are extremely limited. There are only two restaurants that have their own delivery service late at night, Pizza X and Jimmy John’s. Therefore, these tend to be the most cost-effective options for the consumer when ordering by themselves or with others.  Additionally, there are other options available through food delivery services, including McDonald’s and iHop. However, these restaurants are located off the main campus, resulting in a longer delivery time and a higher total cost for the consumer. Overall, Pizza X and Jimmy John’s dominate IU’s late-night food market by only fulfilling the consumer interest of pizza and sandwiches, leaving an opportunity in the industry to provide other varieties of food options with quick delivery at an affordable price for all college students. This led to the establishment of Trap Mike’s, the late night market.