The Team:

Trap Mike’s was founded by Max Himelstein and Misha Rekhter during their sophomore year at Indiana University, officially opening in February 2021. Growing up in Carmel, IN, the two have been friends since third-grade when they played on the same youth football team, and later attended the same middle and high school.

Their skills in the kitchen were cultivated while working together at Jersey Mike’s during high school along with many of their other friends who have assisted them throughout the Trap Mike’s journey. Due to the fun work environment, the full-time workers at the time, nicknamed the store Trap Mike’s; in result, Himel and Misha felt the name was perfect for the brand they are creating. In addition, their business acumen was sharpened by competing in DECA, an international businesses competition, their senior year in high school; in which, their franchise business plan for Jersey Mike’s earned 1st place in Indiana and 4th place in the world. As they are both passionate about having fun and eating food, and share the work hard, play hard mentality, these experiences prepared them with the confidence and ability to take action and make Trap Mike’s a reality. 

How It Started:

As Freshmen at Indiana University, Himel and Misha frequently stayed up late in their dorms and quickly grew frustrated with the limited late-night food delivery options. There are only two restaurants in Bloomington that have their own delivery service late at night, Pizza X and Jimmy John’s. Other restaurants that stay open past 10pm are only available through third-party delivery services, which have additional service fees that spike the price of their food. As Himel and Misha grew tired of eating pizza, cold sandwiches, or overpriced McDonald’s through Doordash, they realized that there was an opportunity to provide other varieties of food options at an affordable price. Moreover, they could cater a brand to a demographic they intimately understood: starving college students awake late into the night. This led to the establishment of Trap Mike’s: Late Night Market.

Our Answer:

Trap Mike’s, a late-night, delivery-only, virtual restaurant brand, that we opened at the start of the Spring 2021 semester in Bloomington. We accepted orders through the Trap Mike’s mobile app or website, and were open Thursday through Saturday from 10pm-4am. Operating out of One World Commissary – a Bloomington ghost kitchen – slashed the start-up cost for the operation and placed Trap Mike’s in close delivery proximity to our target consumer base on the Bloomington campus. As a result, Trap Mike’s was able to offer a delectable variety of food combinations that satisfied the late-night munchies, and free delivery on all orders. After a strong start during Spring 2021, Trap Mike’s is reopening in August 2021 and will now be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10pom-4am. We’re excited to be back and ready to become the go-to munchies grub. 

Make good food


Core Values


Use fresh products


Provide great service


Feed hungry students


Have fun